Rencontres world. "On ne va jamais aussi loin que lorsque l'on ne sait pas où l'on va" C. Colomb

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Each piece exhibited questions the representation of places in the era of proliferation of images and ease of access to rencontres world.

The exhibition brings together ten investigations of ten places that are impossible to access physically, but can be studied via search engines on the Internet.

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Each project analyses the place and the mechanisms for recording it, for exchange and for hybridisation with real space: Distance was an essential constraint so as rencontres world investigate and witness an inaccessible place, to capture views without being on site, while always seeking to learn more. Like a detective looking for the slightest clues capable of increasing imagination tenfold, these hunts for the Snark question the place as much as its access system, through archival documents, traces engendered by search motors, interactive cartogra- phies, land rencontres world, plans, image banks, etc.

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The investigation process was also an integral part of the projects. The traces disappear sometimes as quickly as they appear.

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They take on the appearance of ghosts who haunt the place, while also referring to it, and can reveal as much as they conceal, transforming or intensifying it.